My hairs is on the feet of my scissor


A girl with loads hair and a boy with messy hair are rarest and complex. When I was a teenager, I found usually girls have a new haircut when they were in despair of breakup and all or after the exam. Believing that, To scissor, your pain scissoring of hair is the best option. Your pressure can easily be cut out by cutting your hair layer by layer. Whenever a girl wants to flaunt then she definitely goes for a new haircut. A new haircut never defines your mood, but actually makes your mood new. And yes, this is not bound by age or culture. This can be a new way to look younger and fresher.

Seeing yourself in a same way or look is really boring and also makes mood very monotonous. For this, we spend a lot on going vacations or shopping of course. Though it works but may decrease the load of your pocket, but with a little change in your hair is economical and as well as impressive. Because sometimes a little change can make a huge change in your life.

A new haircut also helps you to create a new vision and attitude toward life. If you are frequently changing your haircut that means you are very adaptable to almost every change. If you are having short hairs that means you are stiff, strong, vigorous, persuasive and powerful. If you are having medium hair that means you are seductive, magnetic, bouncing, spanking. And having long hairs defines that you are elegant, artistic, aesthetic, harmonious and graceful.

So guys go for the drastic and maddest haircut and don’t think it will suit or not, so remove all your hesitation and do whatever you like. Cause you can’t make your life spectacular but you can definitely make your hair as spectacular as you are.