SHARE INDIA- Share Your Ride

Sharing is Everywhere

In the world of digitization, everyone needs a control over everyday life facilities. In the theory of the smart world, this is possible too. Today I’m talking about online shared transportation. This is the app-based service where there you can hire your own transportation. For this Lot’s of online apps are there. You can easily install and can use their facility according to your needs.

Now a day’s everybody can’t afford the four-wheel vehicle anytime anywhere. In the case, if you are willing to spend your holiday or going that city which is known to you then these online services can provide you online transportation very easily at feasible ranges with your life safety.

I used to go for these services most of the time because you can arrange your transportation any time anywhere. Shared transportation is one of its services. In this category, you can share your ride with some other person. This is sometimes good but sometimes not…

On a positive side:
  • This makes your journey entertaining and enchanting sometimes

This is because you meet a different kind of person and if the journey is too long then that can make you away from drudgery.

  • These services save your money in comparison to the private cab. This is because you are the only person who is paying for your journey. But in case of shared services, your ride mate will share your journey fare.
  • Easily accessible

Because two to three person along with you sharing that is why you can easily find your ride.

  • Save your time from waiting for bus or auto

Yes!! this is the biggest thing, along with saving money this saves your time too. Because now you need not wait a long for auto or bus and need not to stand in a big queue of the ticket counter. 

  • Saves you to from environmental trepidation

There is no certainty for any kind of environmental condition and by going auto and for waiting for the bus in that condition can make you. But if you are using online transportation then this will not be a big issue. 

  • Saves you from truckage and driving in the traffic, this saves your energy

At the time of leaving the office, you realized that you are not in that condition of driving because you being very exhausted. And after that, if you find any traffic then this will be a very horrible condition for you and that makes you sometimes frantic.

On the other side:
  • This makes your journey too longer

This is because of pick up issues. How many pickups are there that much time you have to take to reach your destination? 

  • Safety issues come under sharing

Sharing with an unknown person can be a little bit unsafe. That could be anyone and you can’t deny for that and neither you can resist. The only thing you can do that is to cancel your ride with your own.

  • The sense of in comfort with unknown persons

If you are sharing you ride then you have to respect that personal privacy too. You can’t do whatever you like. So most of the people got bored and feel very in comfort.

  • Increases your destination route

All these pros and are considerable but this is better than to face crowd rush traffic and other environmental harassments. So wisely use these services, do not completely trust on that. Track your ride by your own during the journey. Ask about the route followed by the driver. If it’s not following the same route as shown on Google map then make a best possible action you can.