conciliate your controversy

Where there are thoughts there must be clashing over thoughts, called controversy. This has two phases, one that opposes the dominating view or rules so that no one can fulfill their self-will and in the second category those people come who can’t accept the change and that become the origin of controversy. Sometimes this becomes beneficial and sometime this delayed for making any good change for future.

We face controversy at every step, whatever the other one doesn’t like that become the controversy. Some got affected and some become the victim of it. We can’t say that this is good or bad but it is most important to face every controversy very wisely and happily. This could be a matter of discussion or the argument.

Today I’m here to help you out to face the controversy issues…

  • First, listen then reply but do not react.


  • Keep calm yourself because they want to control your mind.


  • Don’t let anyone enter your tranquil zone.


  • The one who listens to the end and then react that becomes the king.


  • Faith in your thought is important but never hesitate to welcome the other one’s thoughts.


  • Every thought has two vision with this you can convince the other one without superimposing.


  • Focus yourself on the conclusion rather than proving yourself.


  • Respect the other one’s thoughts and if they have better thought then accept them and if not then help them to keep out of the situation but do not criticize.


  • Some people don’t want to listen to your thought even, for this you need to improve your convincing power on your faiths.


  • When it’s the matter of taking a decision then listen to every thought but do whatever your inner faith says.

At your every action people want to control and if you don’t listen or follow them, they make a controversy against you but don’t worry do your action, have faith and one day you will definitely win your war. Life is all about playing your role so try to face every situation no matter how hard it is. Sometimes controversy tries to lag you but have faith but never prove your faith.

Make your negative strong

It’s a rainy day and I’m talking about negativity, sounds wearied but this is the most important thing we need to take care of it. Rain, the example of the power of almighty god creates lots of positivity which arouses the whole body completely. Whereas thunderstorm is also the example of almighty god but we relate it to the destruction and negativity. Both are truly opposite but together they make their existence in the world.

I heard so many things about negativity and negative people and their pros and cons. People keep talking about it so deeply and giving the seminar¬†about why we shouldn’t adopt negativity and how to overcome it. There are also so many theories regarding this and that is why we do not prefer talking to negative people surrounding us. Even in the interview or any face-to-face communication, we try not to be a negative person. But I think there is no existence of rain without thunderstorms.

Negativity is the most powerful thing as positivity. For making your magnetic field, your aura very strong you have to make your negative as well as positive very strong.

I believe that If you succeeding in making your negative strong then no one can defeat you. I know this theory is a little bit complicated but once you feel the depth of it you’ll be the most powerful person.
You can not change the negative in you but you can make it beautiful. Making your negative strong doesn’t mean that you are being an evil person. We all give our 100% on making only our positive strong but if you succeed in caging your negative power and turned it into the most beautiful thing by your magical mind then this will make you satisfied and happy at every moment of your life.

As you know that there is no existence of light without dark, up without down, white without black, love without hate, a curse without praise, happiness without sadness, electron without protons. Everything in this world is made up of two opposite things so we should concentrate on both equally. For this, we have to understand what are our negative powers. For example, I’m an arrogant person and people call this my negative power. but if this arrogance mixed with the beauty of mind then it will become my beautiful arrogance. I know this is a little bit complicated for us but once you feel this you’ll be the strongest and happiest person in this world.