The Art of prospect

Be careful while doodling a prospect on the dot

Having a prospect and a making prospect is an art, which takes lots of evaluation and analysis to flow in a proper direction. People in the whole world are from different origin so they have completely different prospect for the same thing. So having prospect is not a question but making prospect inherent a deep thinking and substantiations. A little deviation creates a huge difference just like the formation of a DNA. If there are any change DNA strands and links then the total formation of that structure changes.

I heard a lot from people’s mouth that you are not that one I thought of you before. This shows that we made a prospect immediately by seeing the behavior and dressing sense only and later on, we do regret on our decision after knowing the inner structure and beauty of that person. Just like that if we see any incident happening in front of our eyes then immediately we do our prospect publically without using our intelligence. Sometimes that will harmful to that person and sometimes that creates a negative image of you. So be careful while doodling a prospect on the dot.

Today we easily make prospects by seeing person behavior, attitude and dressing sense. This habit affects us a lot for making any prospect toward any person and distracts you to reach to that inner magnetism. This damaged chain starts increasing and makes a damage formation of our inner prospects which is much harmful that having a prospect. I’m discussing here some simple keynotes, hope that will assist you for a better vision of seeing things around you.

  • Find the origin of prospect.


  • Listen more than you talk, it is a better way to reach to the origin.


  • Knowledge is important, Have a complete knowledge about that topic or issues or that person and then share your prospect regarding this.


  • Gather, Frame and then make any structure of prospects. I’m sure that will keep satisfying you for your whole life.


  • Match the craziness and the frequency about that topic or that person that will lead you to form a better prospect.

According to Brad DeHaven, People are like snowflakes, you can never match two identical one. So how can be your prospect for one person and one issue can be the same.  Prospect is like drawing an outline of that person or any issue and for drawing that line you need to understand the whole structure of that object to the limit. I hope these five full stops will help you to make a clear vision before making a prospect.