When I sound newborn puppy then whose heart not gonna melt. My love for puppies is something different. Dogs are lovable in every phase (younger ones to elder ones). when anyone thinks to have a pet a very first word comes into mind ie. DOGs. They can be your best friend and as your protecting guard.

I’ve remembered that day when I welcome a new member in my family. He was two months born baby having innocent eyes and beautiful face. After a few days, he started jumping everywhere in the home. For me, it takes much time to accept that he’s one of us but his behavior, care, and deep selfless love seize everyone’s heart.

Some people say that you can trust dogs but not on a human being but its hard to believe until unless you won’t feel this feeling. As I used to go school made so many friends in there only and the time spend with them was memorable to me but when it comes to faith and love and endless care then I always remember to my buddy. He knows my smell from a mile distance and when I come back to school he jumps like the happiest person. Even if it’s a dark night and everybody is sleeping then he never slept until he makes me feel like sleeping.

He had a good sense of feelings, if you’re sad he knows it if you are happy he knows it, if you’re feeling alone then he knows, if you need protection then he knows it. Every time when you feel to talk or you need somebody then he always tries to make you feel happy.

Reading emotions

He is hard as stone and soft as snow. When he saw anybody walking beside our home then he barks like hell. That time I feel like he’s protecting the border of countries. He knows very well how to protect the territory of the family and to make this happen he’s ready to do anything.

He knows his mistakes, When he does any mistake and realize it then surprisingly he behaves like the most innocent person in this world. No matter how louder you are he sits and listen to all your anger and once he senses that you forgive him then he started jumping and roaming everywhere.

He understands our language of love. Sometimes we fail to understand his feelings but he never does. He communicates with a strong telepathy. Only by seeing my facial expression he knows how to behave with me.  Sometimes he gives all the solution to my problems without saying anything. That’s why I called him a definition of best friend.

I’ve heard so many sacrificing stories about the dog. How they sacrifice their life for their family protection. I’m sharing all this because I want to tell you all that spread love to that one who understands the language of feelings. If you saw any dog who’s in need then protect and facilitate him. Not only the dogs whoever you see that is in need then do for them selflessly.

He always gives me the lesson of life, he left his family for us and involve with us completely. When he took his first step into my family, he was just a puppy for me but now he has become my best friend.