Mood swings in Men

Generally, we heard that girls have mood swings before their menstrual cycle but we never observed that boys have too. In the case of girls, they draw more attention to you before their periods. Their behavior and actions are visible and noticeable. These all changes are scientifically proven also and happens because of the hormonal changes during that time.
In the case of men, they don’t have periods but have the period of mood swings which we rarely noticed. Some men have short-term mood swings and some have long-term. But we girls rarely noticed it because we think that they have been changed completely by their behavior. But I’ve bird eye view for this situation. It’s a matter of understanding if you love and care for someone, then you need to understand some factors about mood swings.

Long-term mood swing:

In this category, men who are suffering from career settlement, family problems or any other trauma comes. When everything settled down their phase for mood swing also ends. But some women fail to understand and thinks that as their a permanent behavior. This isn’t a permanent behavior this is an undesirable situation in which they need our full support to come out.

Short-term mood swings:

This category is very normal and happens almost to every man. This doesn’t come by any specific hormonal changes so this is very unusual and no one noticed even. During this time their behavior becomes aggressive, overprotective, sarcastic and many more. In a simple way, they unfollow their nature and start behaving bizarrely. So rather than fighting with them, we should love them more and more to help them out from that situation.

Behavior under vigilance:
  • They will try to fight more and more in a very stupid matter and later on they themselves laugh on that.
  • Reflexive reaction is very common during this period.
  • They will refuse to be physical in that certain time.
  • They will expect sensibility more in that situation.
  • Every time doubting your work.
  • Perfection mode is on for their soundings and loves ones.
  • Sometimes they’ll try being wild to show their dominance.

Every man has different behavior so their mood swings also change varies with time and so as their time duration. So these modes can be and can’t be your partner’s behavior but mood swings are very common in men also.