Why to choose coloured EGG

Coloured Egg ruing the market…

The winter season is going on and everyone wants to enjoy snowfall that means too much cold we are expecting from nature. But what that thing which makes us warm rather than woollen clothes. Caring of the body internally and as well as externally is too much important. We can wear too many clothes to protect yourself from the outer atmosphere but what about the inner warmth.

Whatever we consume in our body is directly connected to our internal mechanism. Consuming means, nutrition for our body. In winters internal care is as much important as the external care. We should care for our diet in the winters. Only hot beverage can’t give you protecting shield together with this we have to follow some diet schedule in our daily life.

In this blog, I’m going to discuss the types of eggs in the market. About 60-70% population of India consume egg. There is so many advantages of having the egg but having egg is much important than choosing an egg. Due to the increasing demand for egg, the vendors are selling coloured egg in the market.

There are two types of egg in the market, the white egg and the brown egg. People have a myth that brown egg is much healthier than the white egg so they demand little more. Especially gym people attracts brown egg more because they literally think that they give much protein than the white egg. Is it really true? The fact is that there is not a huge difference between the nutrition of the white egg and the brown egg. Actually, both the cousin’s chicks differ from their health. The brown one eats a lot to produce egg compared to white one. This increase the cost of producing the egg. That makes the brown egg much costlier than the white egg.
Still, we are spending so much money on brown egg even if we know that there is not a huge difference in between them.

The Brown EGG
The white EGG

In the market, vendors are selling coloured egg. They just simply take the white egg and coloured them with the artificial colour. That makes them exactly look like the brown egg and sold them with the costlier rate. Just by seeing the outer shell of the egg it is hard to differentiate between the brown egg and the white egg. To differentiate this we need to see the yoke of the egg. The brown egg has little darker yoke than the white egg.

Apart from this, eggs are known as a good and natural source of protein and make our body warm and healthy. Protein helps in making shells FOR our body. Nowadays people are consuming an artificial source of protein which shows immediate effects but not good for long term for our body. So eat two or three eggs daily and add it to your routine wther it is white or brown.

is EVM hack possible in INDIA ? Yes it is !

our government & authorities every-time tell the whole nation that EVM is not vulnerable . but they never want a independent audit on these EVMs ? back in 2009 a person called : Hari K. Prasad did some research & show the whole world about the possibility & techniques related to data manipulation with EVMs & he got Pioneer Awards  in US but our government of INDIA jailed him for his work .

now i come to possible hack of EVM which is totally OFF the GRID ( network )  as our Government officials tells us ( but never let the independent security experts to examine it ) . but we all, due to our limited knowledge about the technology & related terminology ( like HACK .. ) , get easily fooled by the our government & administration ( who never have a wish to serve the public rather then exploit the public ) . so technically, it is totally possible to hack the EVM / any off the grid ( network less equipment ) without even touching it .  & some experts were doing it from many decades ( from 20-30 years back ) & one latest example is this ( to hack the landline phone & printer without even touching it )  , which is done with a beautiful malware ( funtenna ) . with this malware they can re-program the device as per their need  ( to hear something or to do some specific task which includes data manipulations ) , without even touching those device . And there are a lot of more off the grid hacks technique, with which anyone can hack to any micro-controller / memory .

– but as most of us thinks that if there is no network .. there is no hack ..

that’s not the total truth ..

~ anonymous