My Green power

As the population is increasing the demand for the power is also increasing. Power means to the electricity, fossil fuel or other fuels which assist to run our daily life. From your morning vision to your night bed, everything requires power. For cleaning tooths, you need power. For making your breakfast, you need power. For rushing to your daily work life, you depend on power only. If I talk about the industry then a single second cut out of power can give you a million dollar loss. Nowadays everybody accepts that he or she is fully depending upon the power even if there is the insufficiency of fuel. But for a developing society, power is mandatory. According to a survey, it has been declared that there will be no fossil fuels for our next generation. There is no precise data about the end of the fossil fuel but on an average, it will take around 60-70 years to exhaust it completely.
In our ancient time, when there is no sign of power then our ancestors are fully dependent on the renewable resources like solar and wind. The boom for power demand increased when the first generating system was built. But the decreasing rate of fossil fuel tends us to move on the nuclear power and renewable power demand.
Nowadays our vehicles run from the fossil fuels only but after so much juggling of politics and awareness pull our mind to the renewable resources. Electric cars are taking place over fossil fuel cars. Everybody is aware now for the challenges of his or her next generation. The vogue of the electric car is raising day by day. If I talk about the market then many companies are focusing only on making the vehicle from batteries. Now the vehicle with dual facilities is coming. They are proving the source of power from batteries and as well as fuel because of the capacity of batteries and the efficiency of the vehicle. If any of the ones exhausted then the other one takes place.
This rate of rising of the market of the electric cars is increasing because of awareness of government and people. This isn’t about one country; every country is showing their interest because of endangered fossil fuel. And the graph is increasing as the passing of years because everyone is making efforts to blnce between the foissl fuel and renewable resources.

Why can’t we be smart in front of the smartphone

Save your kids and yourself for being a slave of smartphone

We are 7.2 billion and I think most of us have the smartphone in our pocket. As we are progressing we think that smartphone is helping us for being smart. Yes!! I’m not denying that fact too. This is our today’s demand every after single step we feel its requirement. More than our partner we spend our time with this. We keep on updating our self about current affairs, news, fluctuating rates of stocks, I mean to everything from just a single phone. How amazing is this, whenever and whatever I want to know is just one click away from it.

Imagine, that you are walking to the roadside and someone steals your phone from your pocket and after sometimes you realized your missing phone. I can understand that feeling very well, at that moment you’ll feel like you’ve been lost in that crowded place. Suddenly your happiest mood turns to your worst mood and you’ll be panic like you’ve lost your family member in a fair. And after some time, you’ll start realizing that you even can’t live without it and all your important work will come at that moment only. I know this feeling is really common and happens to almost everyone.
The need for smart is really high but is it good to make your kids addicted like you are addicting this time badly.

I saw so many examples of addiction in my surrounding. A kid who’s crying for not having food and the mother is trying to feed him forcefully. And after too many failed attempts, she went to the room immediately and pick a phone and play a cartoon video. Seeing this kid started feeling good and start having food. From there it all started. What we are doing, we are soothing their mind with all these digital pieces of stuff, we are feeding a message that food is equal to phone and after sometimes it will come to his demand and later on its habit.

As I remember, when the phone comes to this world they have very less memory so we hardly feed more than 100 contacts. If we want to feed another number then we have to feed in our mind only so somehow it doesn’t affect on our memory. But today’s scenario is like that mobile phone memory is inversely proportional to our brain memory.

While we are leaving home for going outside then we never ever forgot keeping the phone but we forget to have our wallet our important document, spare keys and sometimes we even forgot to wear pants. At a worst case if you forgot to have your mobile phone then immediately your wife/husband or your kids will memorize you. This much you and your surrounding are addicted to that device.

Ok, now you are in your workplace and your colleagues are talking to you and you are also responding to them very well but by having the phone in your hands. Do it by yourself talking to your colleagues by having the phone and without having it in your hands. You’ll feel some other feelings more attachment, more confidence, and a better communication.

If I talk about kids then giving them the phone at an early age is good but that should be in a controlled way. Controlled way means that as a parent you yourself decide the time for the phone after that say no for the phone. Never give the phone to them when they are going to play in the playground, on the dining table, on school time, on family time and you yourself never show that the phone is much important to them.

we call our phone as a smartphone because it works for us according to our requirement and gives information about almost everything but think, behind a smartphone, there is always a smart mind. So use it, take much work from it but do not be the slave of it. Give time to your family, friend, and surrounding and also spend some alone time with yourself alone means you with your inner peace, not with your smartphone.

WhatsApp Flaw Could Allow ‘Potential Attackers’ to Spy On Encrypted Group Chats

A more emotional disclosure of 2018—an outcast can furtively listen in on your private end-to-end encoded aggregate visits on WhatsApp and Signal informing applications.

Thinking about assurance against three kinds of aggressors—malignant client, arrange assailant, and malevolent server—a conclusion to-end encryption convention assumes a crucial part in securing texting administrations.

The basic role of having end-to-end encryption is to quit believing the halfway servers such that nobody, not by any means the organization or the server that transmits the information, can unscramble your messages or mishandle its concentrated position to control the administration.

All together words—expecting the most dire outcome imaginable—a degenerate organization representative ought not have the capacity to listen stealthily on the conclusion to-end encoded correspondence by any mean.

Be that as it may, so far even the well known end-to-end encoded informing administrations, as WhatsApp, Threema and Signal, have not by any means accomplished zero-information framework.

Specialists from Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB) in Germany found that any individual who controls WhatsApp/Signal servers can secretly add new individuals to any private gathering, enabling them to keep an eye on bunch discussions, even without the authorization of the director.

As depicted by the specialists, in the pairwise correspondence (when just two clients speak with each other) server assumes a constrained part, however in the event of multi-client visits (gather talk where scrambled messages are communicated to numerous clients), the part of servers increments to deal with the whole procedure.

That is the place the issue dwells, i.e. believing the organization’s servers to oversee amass individuals (who in the end have full access to the gathering discussion) and their activities.

As clarified in the recently distributed RUB paper, titled “More is Less: On the End-to-End Security of Group Chats in Signal, WhatsApp, and Threema,” since both Signal and WhatsApp neglect to appropriately verify that who is adding another part to the gathering, it is feasible for an unapproved individual—not a gathering overseer or even an individual from the gathering—to add somebody to the gathering visit.