Cycling Path

CYCLING PATH: A Path of Health that never ends

Cycling is the only key which opens up many doors of health and happiness. It is also Eco-friendly so everyone is promoting this. LUCKNOW is now beautified with cycling road. Students prefer cycling rather than any Eco- destructive vehicles. Every age group of kids to teenage and to dotage, everyone is on cycle. Morning view of Lucknow is incredible, everyone is on their cycle even in the park or on the roadside. Lucknow is now so aware of cycling and these spirits of awareness of ourselves are rare but appreciable.

And if I talk about the benefits of cycling, is numberless and some are listed below.


  • Activates our body stimulus:

A very first step of the morning is very important, it stimulates our body for the whole day. If the day started by cycling then nothing is better than this. Anxiety and depression are common nowadays for every age group, but cycling with family makes it exciting and full of fun.

  • The medicament of many diseases:

Now a day’s diseases are very common in every age group this is because of lack of daily routine exercise. We are mentally activated, but not physically due to this we get easily influenced by many non-curable diseases. But for this cycling is much more effective than any kind of medicine. It helps to increase cardiovascular fitness, strengthen muscle and make it flexible. In old age, joint relating issues are very common, but even 5 min cycling provides mobility to the joints.

  • Eco-Friendly:

In our busy daily schedule, there is no time for physical exercise. In even a km distance we use a car, but that is not a green way to walk upon. But cycling can be time efficient and makes our environment-friendly to breath freely.

  • A bottom-line exercise:

Rather than going the gym and spending so much money for fitness is not a foxy way to walk upon if cycling helps you out for this, for all health issues and as well as to make you fit ( mentally and physically).