The Fresher

Everywhere in any field, there are two categorizations of people, the fresher and the experienced. When you are experienced, things become so easy to handle for you. You know how to handle, work, expose things, synchronization with people and work. Experience doesn’t depend upon your age or education it totally depends upon how much you handle all the situation even in the peak pressure.

Working life and the educational life of fresher is totally different. If I talk about educational life then your every moving step towards your education has to face a lot many fresher and as well as experienced phases. In the school times every day you have a role of a senior and junior until you reach the edge of the schooling. From there we learned that to guide, help and secure every junior is our moral duty. And this duty should be selfless for everyone and every time.

When we move on to the bachelor’s period then things are all same but the atmosphere and circumstances change their mind and behavior. But in this case, fresher have to face lots of problems with their development and guidance. Now their guidance exists in the zone of selfishness and demands. Some take it as an experience and some take it as a revenge which they carry forward for their upcoming juniors.

Learning is important for every individual and if it is mixed with guidance and support then the development of the nation becomes so easy.

Now when we move to the career settlement then we see a broad spectrum of competition and extraction of fresher energy and skills without giving them benefits. It becomes a hard situation and atmosphere for fresher to grow and develop in that arena. Sometimes it makes their performance sluggish. I explained some points to make the learning life of fresher easy.

  • Respect all the seniors even though they aren’t giving any benefits.


  • Improve your hearing skill for better response and result.


  • Sometimes we feel that we aren’t guided properly but maybe our guide prepares a new way of learning.


  • Always remember, you can’t learn all things all of sudden so have patience and trust to your guide.


  • Your promotion is important than your learning so give first preference to your learning.


  • For learning, you have to help your colleagues also without thinking any self-benefits. In this way, you will make yourself a conceptually clear person and you’ll also develop guiding skills as well.


  • Take pressure but not stress.


  • Improve your skills in the different dimension even though it’s not related to your current work.


  • Seniors may and may not help you but you always try to help your seniors and colleagues beyond your self-zone.


  • Everything depends upon your result so be focused and cantered for your work and performance.

The duration of fresher to the experienced isn’t full of pain and rejection only. There are so many good events and awards to make them encourage so enjoy every moment with learning modes.

Learning is a fire which must be alive in the heart and mind of every one. So being an experienced person is much better than being a fresher for a learning life.

lack of time

Do we have a lack of Time?

We have already heard a lot that time never waits for anyone. Till now we have touched unapproachable sky limits under and above. We are working to make Mars as our second home. But beyond all this time is the only thing in which people have no control over it.

For a better survival in this world, money is the leading factor. We spend our whole day and night to earn money and at the last, we even don’t have time to spend it wisely and happily. I met many people facing this exact situation but they made themselves happy in a very smart convincing manner. We sacrifice our family time to make our family happy. We even don’t take proper attention towards our health and we called that we don’t have sufficient time for this. But we are right that we don’t have time to live in a fast running and unstoppable race of the world. We don’t have time to eat, sleep and breathe even. We are aging by time and mind but our soul is caged in the net of time.

I’ve talked to many people from different areas and about 98% are suffering from stress. For this, we can follow many easy steps which I’m currently using. This isn’t about hard and fast rules or any philosophical method. For living life just a little bit awareness about yourself is sufficient. If you are office working, then being single-minded for work can make your time stressful. We can start wishing to those to whom we never talk and to can be sarcastic in the middle of the work. Smiling is the best way to make your stressful time even more light. That is your atmosphere so why can’t we make it a happy environment.

Electrolyzing of time for relations and work can help you to live in a better way. Leave your entire work pressure and aggression till the office border only and while you are leaving office then make sure that you are now completely detached. While entering to home attaches yourself with those relations for whom you are living, laugh, eat, sit together and gather memories. All the success stories, love stories start with the time and end with the time only so rather than focusing on earning stress we can concentrate on living life. And remember lack of time is not the problem flowing of time in an uncertain way creates the problems.



Do your business but not of YOUR LIFE

Is this your business…

Summer is the time fruits are most appealing and it is the season of The king of fruits, Mango. On the business aspects, this is the peak time for the fruit vendors. Everybody wants to expand their shop and for this, they don’t care about anything in sense of security.

Today I was walking on a roadside in the search of fresh fruits, I saw so many stalls were in the roadside only. Those were small but have lots of variety of fresh fruits. You can found all kind of healthy fruits which are easily come-at-able in the supermarket. The quality of those fruits of that tiny stalls is like they plucked from orchard only and the cost is feasible at your hand.

Today I’m not discriminating myself about which is good and which is bad but about the security issues. Yet those stalls are good in many aspects but what they are doing to yourself. Those guys are completely blindfolded about life security.

All we know that in the buzz of the crowded city there is a scarcity of place. To buy a small shop you in the main market area you have to pay a lot. But this doesn’t means guys that you can put your stall anywhere without taking care of your health.

I’ve some pictures where there you can see real danger. The poles are fully loaded with charged wire without the grounding of a pole. I don’t think so they are unaware of electrical shock exigency but still, they are putting their life at risk every day every time.

Stall beside an electrical pole
The vendor is arranging shop with the help of an electrical pole. And the pole has lots of charged wire.
Arranging shop with the help of an electrical pole

Yes, Money does matter a lot for everyone but it is not good to earn money by selling your life. Do your business but not of your life. Do not make your stall where there is the danger of your life. So find a proper to put your stall and spread the volatility of fruits by taking care your security aspects.

SHARE INDIA- Share Your Ride

Sharing is Everywhere

In the world of digitization, everyone needs a control over everyday life facilities. In the theory of the smart world, this is possible too. Today I’m talking about online shared transportation. This is the app-based service where there you can hire your own transportation. For this Lot’s of online apps are there. You can easily install and can use their facility according to your needs.

Now a day’s everybody can’t afford the four-wheel vehicle anytime anywhere. In the case, if you are willing to spend your holiday or going that city which is known to you then these online services can provide you online transportation very easily at feasible ranges with your life safety.

I used to go for these services most of the time because you can arrange your transportation any time anywhere. Shared transportation is one of its services. In this category, you can share your ride with some other person. This is sometimes good but sometimes not…

On a positive side:
  • This makes your journey entertaining and enchanting sometimes

This is because you meet a different kind of person and if the journey is too long then that can make you away from drudgery.

  • These services save your money in comparison to the private cab. This is because you are the only person who is paying for your journey. But in case of shared services, your ride mate will share your journey fare.
  • Easily accessible

Because two to three person along with you sharing that is why you can easily find your ride.

  • Save your time from waiting for bus or auto

Yes!! this is the biggest thing, along with saving money this saves your time too. Because now you need not wait a long for auto or bus and need not to stand in a big queue of the ticket counter. 

  • Saves you to from environmental trepidation

There is no certainty for any kind of environmental condition and by going auto and for waiting for the bus in that condition can make you. But if you are using online transportation then this will not be a big issue. 

  • Saves you from truckage and driving in the traffic, this saves your energy

At the time of leaving the office, you realized that you are not in that condition of driving because you being very exhausted. And after that, if you find any traffic then this will be a very horrible condition for you and that makes you sometimes frantic.

On the other side:
  • This makes your journey too longer

This is because of pick up issues. How many pickups are there that much time you have to take to reach your destination? 

  • Safety issues come under sharing

Sharing with an unknown person can be a little bit unsafe. That could be anyone and you can’t deny for that and neither you can resist. The only thing you can do that is to cancel your ride with your own.

  • The sense of in comfort with unknown persons

If you are sharing you ride then you have to respect that personal privacy too. You can’t do whatever you like. So most of the people got bored and feel very in comfort.

  • Increases your destination route

All these pros and are considerable but this is better than to face crowd rush traffic and other environmental harassments. So wisely use these services, do not completely trust on that. Track your ride by your own during the journey. Ask about the route followed by the driver. If it’s not following the same route as shown on Google map then make a best possible action you can.


Plate your Chicken

Are you plating healthy CHICKEN or replica of that…??

In the whole world, there is one thing for which everyone is mad about i.e. food. There are more than 15cr. restaurant all over the world. Whenever we feel hungry we want to have a different range of taste, and what if there is Chicken availability. So for all chicken lover that would be the best option. So today I’m going write, how that farm chicken is being raised and what kind of drugs are being used to raise them to get more meat and eggs for extra money. And I would also like to give some knowledge about what kind of chicken is edible and what not.

Here are some Pictures-

Hundreds of chicken sharing one place
This chicken has red eyes and swelling all over the face and body
Suffering from Lymphoid leucosis
This chicken is about to die but ready to plate

These are commonly available chicken in the market and restaurants, the main thing we are unaware of, how that broiler white chicken is raised and what kind of disease they are carrying.


I took a lot of research on the local market, there are lots of breeds of Desi brown chicken in the Market which are similar to broiler farm chicken but the most famous and safe breed is Kadaknath, Vanraja …..
It takes 5-6 months to get mature and they are totally free from any kind of drugs and steroids. Though they are one of the costlier breeds yet have health benefits.


Newborn Kadaknath



  • Nutritional Value & Calories in Chicken
Other Breed Chickens
Protein content
Fat content
Linoleic Acid

In the local the market, there are the poor fusion of breeds are available i.e; kuroiler (desi) but if you know the keys to identify the best then you can also become an expert.

• Colour