Plate your Chicken

Are you plating healthy CHICKEN or replica of that…??

In the whole world, there is one thing for which everyone is mad about i.e. food. There are more than 15cr. restaurant all over the world. Whenever we feel hungry we want to have a different range of taste, and what if there is Chicken availability. So for all chicken lover that would be the best option. So today I’m going write, how that farm chicken is being raised and what kind of drugs are being used to raise them to get more meat and eggs for extra money. And I would also like to give some knowledge about what kind of chicken is edible and what not.

Here are some Pictures-

Hundreds of chicken sharing one place
This chicken has red eyes and swelling all over the face and body
Suffering from Lymphoid leucosis
This chicken is about to die but ready to plate

These are commonly available chicken in the market and restaurants, the main thing we are unaware of, how that broiler white chicken is raised and what kind of disease they are carrying.


I took a lot of research on the local market, there are lots of breeds of Desi brown chicken in the Market which are similar to broiler farm chicken but the most famous and safe breed is Kadaknath, Vanraja …..
It takes 5-6 months to get mature and they are totally free from any kind of drugs and steroids. Though they are one of the costlier breeds yet have health benefits.


Newborn Kadaknath



  • Nutritional Value & Calories in Chicken
Other Breed Chickens
Protein content
Fat content
Linoleic Acid

In the local the market, there are the poor fusion of breeds are available i.e; kuroiler (desi) but if you know the keys to identify the best then you can also become an expert.

• Colour

CANTEEN, The Second Home

Launching Steps for CANTEEN…

Listening that word”Canteen, lots of memories and experiences start roaming over everyone’s head.

In school time, we eagerly wait for lunchtime and canteen is an exciting and best place to spend. Even if we are going back to home, we remember those moments, especially which we spend in the canteen only. Why, because,  there you are the one who you really are, no restriction, no obstruction, no monitoring of anybody, nothing just you and your internal beauty.

My Bunk Box

I remember all those tricks which we used to make for self-satisfaction after bunk. Especially when we don’t have our homework. The whole group supports for bunk with all open heart and the first place comes to my mind is canteen only. And Yes, those games, truth and dare, damsharaz and many more which we used to play for gathering memories.

                             A triangle of bunk
A Real Stress-Buster Room

I think the main and the biggest stress for every student is exam only. We count each and every single day for finishing the exams and when that barrier breaks, we run like the electron to recombine again to celebrate and to release stress. We eat like a hungry monster and ordered everything whichever showing in the menu box. It’s kind of a second home for us.

                     All-time favourite drinks
A Party Palace

Oh yes, Best party place ever. During the celebration, it seems like a place for us. All classmates stick together playing songs, dedication, confession, proposal and birthday celebration. Most of the pairing happens in canteen only and behind one couple there are so many supports to execute this.

My hairs is on the feet of my scissor


A girl with loads hair and a boy with messy hair are rarest and complex. When I was a teenager, I found usually girls have a new haircut when they were in despair of breakup and all or after the exam. Believing that, To scissor, your pain scissoring of hair is the best option. Your pressure can easily be cut out by cutting your hair layer by layer. Whenever a girl wants to flaunt then she definitely goes for a new haircut. A new haircut never defines your mood, but actually makes your mood new. And yes, this is not bound by age or culture. This can be a new way to look younger and fresher.

Seeing yourself in a same way or look is really boring and also makes mood very monotonous. For this, we spend a lot on going vacations or shopping of course. Though it works but may decrease the load of your pocket, but with a little change in your hair is economical and as well as impressive. Because sometimes a little change can make a huge change in your life.

A new haircut also helps you to create a new vision and attitude toward life. If you are frequently changing your haircut that means you are very adaptable to almost every change. If you are having short hairs that means you are stiff, strong, vigorous, persuasive and powerful. If you are having medium hair that means you are seductive, magnetic, bouncing, spanking. And having long hairs defines that you are elegant, artistic, aesthetic, harmonious and graceful.

So guys go for the drastic and maddest haircut and don’t think it will suit or not, so remove all your hesitation and do whatever you like. Cause you can’t make your life spectacular but you can definitely make your hair as spectacular as you are.

Love or Lust…??


Love, the symbol of purity, loyalty, and trust is imprisoned in everyone’s heart. In this universe, everyone is connected by a supernatural power,  i.e. called LOVE.

In teenage, fallen in love is very common. We strongly believe at first sight, love. But now a day’s love has many needs. The definition of love has been changed totally. We heard lots of stories of ancient time about immortal love, but now those messages aren’t meant for knowing values, but caged in a storybook or in historical place or somewhere encrypted on ice. But my question is, does love need any kind of physicality to prove that they are in real love..??

Through a case study, I observed that now a day’s most of the people are getting physical before they fall in love. There are two types of people who believe, before and after marriage intimacy concept.  Just because lack of knowledge and amelioration they have forgotten the real value of love and intimacy. Intimacy is much more than to get in bed, it is that kind of power and symbol of purity which gives birth to a new world. But to understand this we need to get into the arena of love. These two concepts are made by us to protect the humanity and form misleading of teenagers. So we should respect all these values.

Before marriage intimacy is very common nowadays and this vision is not despicable, we just need to understand all pros and cons of it. A little awareness can help you a lot. In teenage everyone wants to go with the flow, but for us it is a little bit difficult to understand all these taboos. So for this, we can ask our self once, Is that right time and place?? The answer of this question definitely can lead you in a right direction.

After marriage people start thinking that they have been authorized for doing this. But I think marriage is not that certificate or license for free intimacy. It’s an inner feeling which comes after a certain time cause this is beyond bliss. Intimacy can never make your relationship healthy, it is that kind of feeling which comes after being healthy in a relationship.

Reading all this, I think you can understand what actual healthy relationship is. So do care,  protect and love to your partner. Cause love has no dimension. So make each other free to have a healthy and happy relationship cause this is not you need, this is what you need to each other.

The Struggle of TeenAgers

STRUGGLING TEENS, A battle for the better life

It’s true that after taking birth, we take two more, one while we are selecting our future and secondly when we got married. These two phases are breath holding stages of one’s life. These two decisions play an important role to shape our lives. But now we have been entangled in the net of society and we call it struggle.


  • The tide of trendy education

In 19’s we educate ourselves for battle (war’s) and now we are battling for education. We have been completely bounded in the arena of grades. We Keep fighting to win that battle and to get good grades. But for all struggling teenagers, the real battle starts after the completion of graduation, where their good grades are not sufficient to win that battle and that we called a real battle for a better life (better future). We choose that orientation (career), which is more progressive and in the trend of the education system. We are ready to flow in any current, whichever seems little trendy and profitable. That’s why we keep searching for what to do and how to do.


  • Reputation of career

We can’t choose our career out of the box because we are not allowed to do so. To make our passion as a future takes lots of guts because then we would consider as anti-social elements. The pressure of repute career creating a struggle for teens and bounding their energy inside the nacelle.

  • The early age, earning

Without knowing what’s what we would rather concentrate on earning and that craving for earning disturbs the education system and after that our struggle becomes harder and harder because sometimes moral education learned us how to come over it and we never thought of this way. As a result, we keep running direction-less and goes nowhere very fast.


  • A load of your friend’s pocket

It’s a matter of self-esteem, I’m better than him so my salary must be better than that of. Due to this attitude, we can never be self-satisfied. This creates a high pressure inside for a better job and then we start struggling for our self-esteem and not for self-satisfaction. As a result, we bound our mind just for making money and in the race of high esteem salary, we actually forgot our inner passion and qualities that make us even more happy and satisfied.





Cycling Path

CYCLING PATH: A Path of Health that never ends

Cycling is the only key which opens up many doors of health and happiness. It is also Eco-friendly so everyone is promoting this. LUCKNOW is now beautified with cycling road. Students prefer cycling rather than any Eco- destructive vehicles. Every age group of kids to teenage and to dotage, everyone is on cycle. Morning view of Lucknow is incredible, everyone is on their cycle even in the park or on the roadside. Lucknow is now so aware of cycling and these spirits of awareness of ourselves are rare but appreciable.

And if I talk about the benefits of cycling, is numberless and some are listed below.


  • Activates our body stimulus:

A very first step of the morning is very important, it stimulates our body for the whole day. If the day started by cycling then nothing is better than this. Anxiety and depression are common nowadays for every age group, but cycling with family makes it exciting and full of fun.

  • The medicament of many diseases:

Now a day’s diseases are very common in every age group this is because of lack of daily routine exercise. We are mentally activated, but not physically due to this we get easily influenced by many non-curable diseases. But for this cycling is much more effective than any kind of medicine. It helps to increase cardiovascular fitness, strengthen muscle and make it flexible. In old age, joint relating issues are very common, but even 5 min cycling provides mobility to the joints.

  • Eco-Friendly:

In our busy daily schedule, there is no time for physical exercise. In even a km distance we use a car, but that is not a green way to walk upon. But cycling can be time efficient and makes our environment-friendly to breath freely.

  • A bottom-line exercise:

Rather than going the gym and spending so much money for fitness is not a foxy way to walk upon if cycling helps you out for this, for all health issues and as well as to make you fit ( mentally and physically).


 MY RUNNING FOOD… doesn’t have legs

Now a day’s eating is being a big task for students as well as for working people. I used to see people running with breakfast in their hands. It seems funny, but one day I noticed myself doing the same thing unwillingly. I realized that time, this habit is really common and become a culture of peoples.

Through a survey I found, people usually think that giving the specific time for eating is unimportant. But guys this is just a bird’s eye view of this perception. In our childhood, we run from food and now we are running with food. This sounds quite funny, but…

Healthy morning breakfast can be power bank of your whole day. Running food neither save nor make your time, but as a time decays, it may be the generator of many health issues.

Food full of fats

There is a solution for running late, we have readily available excuses as we are experts on it. But our digestive machine isn’t an innocent one. Cause It can’t identify your best made ever and working excuses.

So give proper value to your time and proper time to your values. Cause this is the source system of your body.


Still Overthinking….


It is scientifically proven that the thinking brain is much more powerful than the working brain. Thinking is a kind of mental exercise. But when it turns to over thinking, it reveals many can of worms. Which we easily can’t analyze and identify in real life. But if you are over thinker then you must be in big trouble. So read this article and try to find out… Are you really an over-thinker…???

  • Overthinking makes us judgmental

When we meet someone initially we start giving a judgment about its attitude and attribute without analyzing. Due to this our brain gets channelized and gives a feeling of absolutism.

  • Overthinking is also the generation of apprehension about the future

we actually never over think, we just reach the threshold level of thinking and went out of the arena of reality. At this point, we get into the dilemma of what our future demand from us and what we want from our future. Doing  Prediction about future all time makes life intricate because it isn’t that much easy as we think to forecast about the weather.

  • Overthinking creates a diversion from happiness to perfection

This is because at every moment of life we try being smarty pants and forgot about those tiny moments which makes our life happier and easier. So guys don’t behave like best but try to accept your best whether it’s your best failure or best success. Think, over your thinking but do not over think.


In the array of men and woman, every single human being is trumped up by unique features. Yes, I’m talking about the population of 7.6 billion. There are Lots many people, but not a single clone. You’ve heard numerous definitions about Being different,  but in what definition you fit in, individuate ours from others.

What makes you different, your scorecard…?? Or maybe some adorn qualities. For being different I don’t think so there must be any criteria or conditions. You born with some qualities and you born many qualities by your own actually that makes you different.

Today I met the twins of an almost similar kind, same physique, same color of choice, same liking of food and ultimate understanding. Even though they are from the same originator and having such a huge similarity, but while talking to them, I realized they had a drastic change. Why I’m telling all this…?? I don’t have any differentiation parameter. But this is you who makes you different. You create yourself for being special. Knowing everything sometimes not makes you different or special, representing yourself in such a manner that everybody can feel your flame even though you don’t know anything. It sounds critic, but ultimately you are the queen of your Queensland.

This is a matter of every single girl who hasn’t 99 percentile and neither they have won any beauty pageant nor well versed in cooking, and all but they believe that they are different, and their beliefs make them different. So for this, I can simply say YES, everyone is different in their own kind.






The Power of Smile


A Morning with a smile can give a big boost to the whole day. But the question is, Can issues be solved just by a smile…??

If I talk about working women, she faces lots of challenges in a single day. She got frustrated and sometimes furious but a simple casual smile can work a lot anonymously. If we do any mistake (repairable and irreparable) then smile can’t repair everything but can weaken the negative strength of it. The Smile cannot be a solution but can be a part of it and sometimes it leads to a solution. The Smile can be of two type, purest smile, and formal smile.

In whole world kid’s smile known as the purest smile. These smiles are directly connected to the heart. It enters to through eyes, reaches to heart and cherishes the whole body and surrounding.  When a mother gives birth to her child, the very first smile of that child can disappear all the pain of delivery.

Formal smiles generate from benefits and very usual these days. But the magic of smile works even there, we just channelized it. Even a simple presentation can be so effective if we embrace it with a smile. Sometimes it helps to hide the pain of the worst situation, in that case, it works as covering shield.

We can say, the smile can’t be a solution but can be a resolution.