Quarantine Days

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Quality days or reality days… It’s a matter of ‘THESE DAYS’. When the world is facing a pandemic situation, we all together are fighting against this being as warriors. In this wartime, we need not to in the battleground instead we need to be underground to win the war. For saving yourself, your family, your country, and your world, you just need to quarantine yourself for a certain time period. In this lock-down period, some of having bloom memories, and some have to face gleam reality. In this article, I tried to draw your attention in two different perceptions to make you guys calm not to qualm. I hope this will rejuvenate your memories.  

Need Vs Greed

There is a thin line between need and greed. We need for what we greed and we greed for what we need. But I guess, now everyone knows how to deal with need and greed on a single palm. But the beautiful thing that happens in this period is that we are expanding our needs toward the needful.

Different Experience for Different Class

According to my belief, there is no class or category in between people. We actually divide them for our understanding, called superiority. This time every single creature on the earth is suffering a lot in different ways. Some are fighting for their lives on the hospital bed and some for essential things for living long on their home at bed. First time in the era, every country is helping another country during world wartime or corona time.

Work From Home

Since we are at home for so long time, Work from home is being promoted across the world to balance the economic crises. We actually are working from and for our homes together. Some are enjoying and some are dying to go out but trust me you can never have such kind of experience ever in your life for such a long time. But this also has some controversial conversation when we talk about students. So I leave my thought here by saying that…. Is work from home can be our future?

Country Making Chefs

Being chef do you really need experience or expertise…? I will say a big NO to it. Chef’s sprite grows like a plant; the more you put water (loving demand) on that the more it will rise. According to the survey, people are watching food channels more than news channels these days. Things are all same before the lock-down like the mother is cooking food for us and sometimes we help them but now we have time to praise that food. Now our plate is also empty not just because the food is awesome but also we know the worth of it. But this time every home giving birth to a chef giving and taking challenges worldwide. Now we cook food not just to eat but also to reveal.

#Trending… Yes, this is a kind of world war on cooking food, name ‘hashtag trending’. More than news, people are trending food. But the interesting part is that people are sharing and making that food which we left somewhere in the core grandmother’s heart.

Coming Back on the Lap of Nature from the Lap of Social Media Culture

Sunrises in the east and sets on the west, even a kid knows. But do you and your kids really experience it at every single morning? Tell me what else is pleasuring over to see the sunrise and sunset through your eyes but not in the Instagram stories. Going on the roof in the morning and to feel the aroma of air during that time is really reviving. Those are not just a time zone that happens daily but have deep spiritual and medical benefits. Along with this people are doing plantation and taking care of old plants. Our ancestors consider the plants as their own children. They eagerly wait for a single flower and celebrate like they have a newborn baby in their house like now we are doing these days. World is also revealing amazing natural thing seems like a Nature Show form Mr. Nature. All things were present in their own place only but the layer of pollution not on the atmosphere but on the people’s hearts and minds was hiding everything. So what should I consider that now our mind and heart are clear…? Or is the earth rebooting to show their beauty…?  

Going Back to Grandmother’s Era

We can easily relate this era with listening stories from the grandmother and the gabru (Young sprit) tasks of grandfather. Hardly, I remember any story form and about our grandparents apart from the stories which are written in the history book. Yes, that too I memorize to secure good marks on that subject but what I realized these days that you can only read that story from book but the actual narration is only done by our parents and the grandparents only. And in the middle of that their love story as well. From the birth of the earth to its death they have all mythological as well as historical stories. DADI (grandmother) knows everything that saying is absolutely right and DADU (grandfather) can make anything right that also true. Actually their gabru efforts can make everything right. 

Reviving Game which is only on the book of memories of ours granny’s

Barely, I can reminisce, when I last time played with my parents with their conation and without any constrictions. Generally, we people called us an advanced generation, prefer only online games or the games which look classy to play. But what actually class is, we never realized. I apprehended how beautifully our granny’s spend their time with their classy games. They used to play not by the mind but by heart. But moreover, first time I saw my grandparents grinning and reflecting a naïve expression.


I want to relate this with a fisherman anatomy, during high tides when fishermen can’t go in the sea so in the meantime they repair their net to seize more fish. If it’s a high tide time for us so better on regretting and grieving we can detoxify our whole inner and outer system. To adopt this there are so many ways according to your interest like involving yourself in your hobbies, by doing what you dreamed of doing, polishing skills, helping others, doing activities which keeps your core and body healthy and many more. So answer yourself… Are you repairing yourself in this lock-down?

Tweet More on the House Compare to our Twitter Account 

The most enchanting sound I’ve ever heard, that birds tweet. But nowadays people tweet a lot more than any creature in the world. Only I know that tweet keeps your mind in peace but here the scenario is different. Nowadays people tweets a lot to make other peoples mind rest in peace. But these days again I start feeling that enchanting tweets in my surroundings.

This quarantine time flings a right to say… I’m busy. Now we deliberately used to talk to our family and stretching our talks and talking about nothing. It’s like a gold mine, the more lock-down is extending the more we are having gold.

God usually sends their messenger for people’s good but this time he sends some divine days for our good”.

Thank You Mr. Quarantine Days

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