is EVM hack possible in INDIA ? Yes it is !

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our government & authorities every-time tell the whole nation that EVM is not vulnerable . but they never want a independent audit on these EVMs ? back in 2009 a person called : Hari K. Prasad did some research & show the whole world about the possibility & techniques related to data manipulation with EVMs & he got Pioneer Awards  in US but our government of INDIA jailed him for his work .

now i come to possible hack of EVM which is totally OFF the GRID ( network )  as our Government officials tells us ( but never let the independent security experts to examine it ) . but we all, due to our limited knowledge about the technology & related terminology ( like HACK .. ) , get easily fooled by the our government & administration ( who never have a wish to serve the public rather then exploit the public ) . so technically, it is totally possible to hack the EVM / any off the grid ( network less equipment ) without even touching it .  & some experts were doing it from many decades ( from 20-30 years back ) & one latest example is this ( to hack the landline phone & printer without even touching it )  , which is done with a beautiful malware ( funtenna ) . with this malware they can re-program the device as per their need  ( to hear something or to do some specific task which includes data manipulations ) , without even touching those device . And there are a lot of more off the grid hacks technique, with which anyone can hack to any micro-controller / memory .

– but as most of us thinks that if there is no network .. there is no hack ..

that’s not the total truth ..

~ anonymous

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