A blend of the homemade and the readymade

Homemade is Readymade and readymade is homemade

The era of homemade things is back now. People are getting attracted towards homemade things again but still, they have some craze of readymade things because they look beautiful and well packed. You can easily find out the readymade things everywhere from the kitchen to the bedroom. The reason could be anything, your laziness or the lack of time.

What made people attracted to the readymade things:

In this fast running world, people don’t have time and for saving time they spend money. For making food from chopped vegetable to readymade spices are available in the market. The one who isn’t working or busy they also got attracted towards the readymade things because this is simple and take less time and physical stamina to execute the work. This is as simple as buying the things and making the things at any field. This is good for those who are unable to make things or they just want the things at the early time. So many factors involved in this favor and we all agree with that but lagging in one factor that is health.

Is this adaptable in future…??

Though this is good for so many factors but health is the only issue in which everybody lags. When Readymade things are made then industries ignore so many health factors just because of the bulk production. Added colors, fillers, material to increase the quantity, these all make product beautiful and quantitative but not qualitative. If we talk about the future aspect then fully dependance on readymade things is not good. It is a slow poison that we’re taking and its effects will reflect after sometimes in our body and especially in the brain. So It’s good if we take it in a proper amount for our body. Money can be earned but not the health.

Why the era of homemade things is back now:

When the focus of people changes then to earn money they totally ignore their health and attracted toward the readymade things. But after sometimes their effects start increasing like hair fall, early age hair whiting, pimples, weakness of eyesight, internal body diseases and many more. And after the doctor consultancy, they explained the origin of all these issues. From there the era of homemade things come back. No doubt they are good with no side effects but it takes some time to prepare well. But now the people are aware towards their health rather than anything. So there should be a perfect blend of readymade and homemade things because eventually, these all belong to you.


In Summertime- Buy Your Own Drink

Add your own healthy colours with Mocktail and Shikanzi

In the summertime, when the sun is at its peak and the dehydration level is high then everybody finds a place to chill. During this time the demand of potable drinks is very high.

There are so many drinks available in the market some contain alcohol and some are alcohol-free. Nowadays mocktail is on trend. Whenever we went to a restaurant or club or lounge then we can easily find these kinds of drinks. These drinks are very attractive, colourful and full-flavoured. Not even they keep you hydrated but also gives you another level of the drinking experience.

Flavoured Mocktail

Shikanzi is also a flavoured drink and known as a desi drink of India and well known for its resistant properties. In this, you find all the desi and natural flavour of lemon, raw mango, mint and some digestive spices. This is a perfect blend of all these ingredients.

Mango is a rich source of vitamin E, vitamin A, vitamin H and vitamin C. It is a rich source of iron and saves you from anaemia, cancer and heart attack. This makes the skin healthy and glowing. It also strengthens your immune system and By having this drink only in the summer not only keeps you hydrated but also saves you from loo and heat stroke. For this, you need not go to any restaurant or to spend heavy money on it. These drinks are easily available at feasible ranges. You can make it at home also.

Shikanzi (Aam Panna)

If I’ve to choose one then I don’t have any candid decision. Shikanzi you may and may not to be found on the club or lounges but mocktails are easily available. Shikanzi is a health drink with numbers of health benefits. Mocktail contains artificial colours and flavours and sometimes these may create some health issues. Though this doesn’t contain alcohol and keeps you hydrated but having least health benefits. So choose your drink carefully, keep hydrated yourself all the time, drink water and keep shining in the summer.



Cycling Path

CYCLING PATH: A Path of Health that never ends

Cycling is the only key which opens up many doors of health and happiness. It is also Eco-friendly so everyone is promoting this. LUCKNOW is now beautified with cycling road. Students prefer cycling rather than any Eco- destructive vehicles. Every age group of kids to teenage and to dotage, everyone is on cycle. Morning view of Lucknow is incredible, everyone is on their cycle even in the park or on the roadside. Lucknow is now so aware of cycling and these spirits of awareness of ourselves are rare but appreciable.

And if I talk about the benefits of cycling, is numberless and some are listed below.


  • Activates our body stimulus:

A very first step of the morning is very important, it stimulates our body for the whole day. If the day started by cycling then nothing is better than this. Anxiety and depression are common nowadays for every age group, but cycling with family makes it exciting and full of fun.

  • The medicament of many diseases:

Now a day’s diseases are very common in every age group this is because of lack of daily routine exercise. We are mentally activated, but not physically due to this we get easily influenced by many non-curable diseases. But for this cycling is much more effective than any kind of medicine. It helps to increase cardiovascular fitness, strengthen muscle and make it flexible. In old age, joint relating issues are very common, but even 5 min cycling provides mobility to the joints.

  • Eco-Friendly:

In our busy daily schedule, there is no time for physical exercise. In even a km distance we use a car, but that is not a green way to walk upon. But cycling can be time efficient and makes our environment-friendly to breath freely.

  • A bottom-line exercise:

Rather than going the gym and spending so much money for fitness is not a foxy way to walk upon if cycling helps you out for this, for all health issues and as well as to make you fit ( mentally and physically).